Best Canadian Betting Sites

If you’ve found this site then I’m guessing your Canadian and your looking for either sportsbooks located in Canada or just the best online betting sites for Canadians. Thats the same thing I did when I first started betting online 7 or 8 years ago so I decided to start this website to help Canadian sports bettors find the best betting sites for Canadians.

First thing is that there are basically no sportsbooks located in Canada, I say basically because some have they’re servers located in the Kahnawake reserve but they’re main operations are still run somewhere else so this makes no difference to us. Theres also a sportsbook like Bodog who has some offices located in Canada but for that very reason they dont except Canadians to bet at they’re sportsbook so as you can see sportsbooks located in Canada serve no benefit to us.

Now for the second thing the best online sportsbooks for Canadians. Not all online sportsbooks accept Canadian bettors, like Bodog mentioned above and another big sportsbook is VIP when neteller left Canada because of the gaming laws the Americans passed a couple years ago so did they and a couple other books did aswell. So below I listed the the top 5 sportsbooks for Canadians. I based my decisions firstly on stuff like security and overall reputation just like you’d rate any sportsbook but then I looked at issues for Canadians like banking options and betting options and came up with my top 5 online sportsbooks that I feel offers the most to Canadians

If your not new to sports betting then you already know you should have multiple “outs” but if you are new to sports betting this means you should bet at more than one sportsbook. The reason for this is that sportsbooks dont all have the same lines one big might have a team at -7 but another might only have -6 or -6.5 thats a big difference and might make the difference of a winning or losing season so my advice is to bet at 3-5 sportsbooks depending on the size of your bankroll of course.