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In the year 2020, 37 million Americansused teeth whitening products. With such a demand for whiter smiles, there are many options for teeth whitening solutions on the market. These products include anything from whitening gels and serums to whitening pens and LED lights.

What are the best teeth whitening companies out there? This list puts together the best teeth whitening companies and insights about what sets their products apart from others on the market.

Beaming White

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Beaming White is an American manufacturer that was founded in 2008. Its mission is to allow teeth whitening professionals to provide the most effective products and services for a fair price. Common customers of Beaming White are dentists, salons, spas, teeth whitening stores and kiosks, private-label customers, traditional and online retailers, and group buying sites.

Beaming White produces a wide variety of teeth whitening products, such as teeth whitening lights, in-office whitening kits, take-home gels and pens to name a few. The company has both United States headquarters and European headquarters and sells products in both markets.

Beaming White did not offer a quote.

Beaming White Teeth Whitening

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Founded in 2018 in New York City, CHRŌM is a tooth polish that works just like nail polish. It can be applied to teeth and removed in a matter of seconds, and lasts for up to 24 hours at a time. It has no taste and comes in brights, whites, black, metallics, glitters, glow, and more. The product is non-toxic, vegan, and uses FD&C approved ingredients.

The product is also 100 percent American made and safe for most teeth. Developed by dentists, toothpolish is intended for use as a cosmetic tooth coating. It is not permanent and does not alter the tooth in any way, only the color for up to 24 hours.

Company insight

“CHRŌM Tooth Polish is a simple effective solution for a whiter smile and unlike anything I have ever used before. In a matter of seconds with a few strokes of a brush, I can give dazzling white teeth or just take a smile up a watt or two in a way that is safe and temporary. My clients love the look, and it lasts as long as I need it to.”

“Whether it is for photoshoots, television appearances or now everyday zoom sessions CHRŌM Tooth Polish has become part of my professional makeup kit. It makes ensuring every client has a Hollywood smile easy and effortless.

"This formula was designed by a dentist to be gentle and temporary. Paint it on for as long as you need it and brush it right off. It's perfect for an evening out, veneers or bringing that little extra dazzle. I recommend it to all of the makeup artists on my team that work in bridal for bringing that extra special something or for everyday clients who want a little extra polish.” — James Vincent, Creative Director for CHRŌM Tooth Polish


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Founded by David Tao, glowup has been whitening teeth since April 2019. Tao was fed up with teeth whitening technology that resulted in unbearable pain for sensitive teeth and didn’t like how teeth whitening had become so expensive. The Dollar Shave Club concept inspired him to create a new teeth whitening technology that was not only more affordable, but also easier to use and less painful for people with sensitive teeth.

glowup’s teeth whitening package works like a subscription box. Customers can choose a one-time kit or a subscription bundle and get a new refill of whitening gel every other month. Every plan is tailored to fit a customer’s diet, brushing habits, and teeth sensitivity. Customers can see results with glowup in as little as five minutes a day for six days.

Company insight

"glowup. is the only whitening product that is tailored to your unique smile. We take into account dozens of factors like your teeth’s sensitivity, brushing habits, and diet to create the fastest acting, most effective, and completely senstivity-free formula for your smile.See results in as little as 5 minutes a day, for 6 days!"

glowup Teeth Whitening

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Product information

SmileDirectClub claims that its bright on™ whitening products can whiten teeth up to nine shades in just one week. Using its bright on™ gel for just five minutes each morning and evening will also produce results that can last up to six months. SmileDirectClub also offers an LED accelerator light that is powered through a smartphone. Plugging the LED light device into a smartphone, anyone can whiten their teeth wherever they want to. All whitening pens also have a no-mess brush applicator that makes teeth whitening simple and easy.

With whitening kits ranging from a full to half a year’s supply and whitening pens for touch up, SmileDirectClub offers a variety of products at affordable prices. SmileDirectClub’s whitening gel utilizes the same enamel-safe whitening agent that professional services use but offer it at less than half the price of professional teeth whitening.

Company insight

“SmileDirectClub’s bright on contains the same enamel-safe whitening agent used by dentists — for less than half the cost. The no-mess brush applicator lets you paint the gel directly onto your teeth, and the patent-pending 20-LED accelerator light boosts its whitening power. Use for just a week — once in the morning and once in the evening – and enjoy whiter teeth for six months. Helps remove years of tough stains and gets teeth up to nine shades whiter in just one week.” — Kirby Franzese, Brand Communications Manager

Customer reviews

Ninety-one percent of the 87 SmileDirectClub teeth whitening reviews on BestCompany.com are 4 or 5 stars. Many customer reviews mention how easy SmileDirectClub’s products are to use and highlight the short amount of time they need to be used each day. Some reviewers also mention the price value for the product and great customer service representatives that they worked with.

SmileDirectClub Teeth Whitening

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Smile Perfected

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Product information

Smile Perfected was founded in 2013 by Dr. William Balanoff with the vision to help patients and dental professionals connect through treatments that bring them both hope and brighter smiles.The company’s products include the Smile Perfected 20 Minute Whitening System™ and the innovative intraoral custom-made dental appliances T.A.G. & Power-Up Mouthwear.

Smile Perfected specialises in perfectly blended hybrid in-office and take-home teeth whitening system for patients and dental practices alike. Patients experience a professional grade teeth whitening and a take-home brush-on whitening pen to maintain their beautiful bright smile. The Smile Perfected system is the trusted whitening provider for thousands of dental offices and the largest group dental service across the country.

Company insight

"Smile Perfected™ is decidedly different because it is designed to fit seamlessly into an office's current patient flow after a dental cleaning. Imagine patients getting a quick, noticeably whiter and brighter smile using a non-invasive dental service — no drills, no shots — just whiter teeth in 20 minutes for a low recommended cost to patients. The hybrid Prophy Plus™ system dramatically increases hygiene revenue with no additional doctor time, and is sensitivity free, patients love it.” — Dr. Balanoff


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Founded in 2015 by Josh Snow, Snow teeth whitening products were created for skeptics, by skeptics. After Josh Snow spent time and large sums of money attempting to whiten his teeth, he decided to take matters into his own hands to create a product that successfully whitens your teeth while saving you money.

Snow teeth whitening products are now available in more than 180 countries around the world. The company’s products include an LED teeth whitening light, proprietary serum, activated charcoal floss, and anti-aging lip care. All of these products allow for at-home teeth whitening without any visits to a dentist, saving time and money.

Customer reviews

All 20 Snow reviews on BestCompany.com are 4 or 5 stars, highlighting great results and quality products. Some reviewers highlighted the lack of tooth sensitivity they felt while using the products and all the compliments they receive from people about their new smile.

Snow did not offer a quote.

Snow Teeth Whitening

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Review data is from November 18, 2020.

6 Best Teeth Whitening Companies | Best Company (2024)
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