Cruel trolls target ABC host after big announcement (2024)

Lisa Millar has been inundated with online abuse from keyboard warriors after she announced live on air that she was leaving ABC News Breakfast after five years as co-host.

The veteran journalist shocked viewers on Wednesday by announcing she will step away from the program at the end of August.

Social media trolls berated the morning news legend relentlessly in the hours following her resignation, sparking outrage from many of Millar's loyal friends, who jumped to her defence and called out the abuse.

Among her biggest supporters was 'recovering former Murdoch columnist'Paul Syvret, who has known Millar for more than 25 years.

'I've known Lisa Millar personally and professionally for 25 years,' he posted on X.

'She is one of the most experienced journalists and broadcasters in the country, with the utmost integrity.The abuse here today is sickening.'

AuthorMike Carlton, who worked with Millar 'regularly' onABC Sydney's drive time radio program, stepped in to defend her as well.

'She was always thoroughly professional and a delight to work with,' he tweeted.

Lisa Millar has copped relentless abuse online since her resignation live on air during Wednesday's ABC Morning Breakfast

'The abuse is not only sickening, some of it suggests diseased minds.'

Journalist Neil McMahon described Millar's resignation as 'a sign of the nasty derangement of many on this platform that posting this requires turning off replies to this tweet'.

Millar, who has yet to publicly respond to the backlash, spoke of her pride as she announced she was leaving the show.

'What a blast the past five years has been, whether it was interviewing prime ministers and global thought leaders or getting karaoke encouragement from my childhood idol Gladys Knight,' she told viewers on Wednesday.

'In 35 years of journalism I've never done anything so exciting, unpredictable, and fun. It's only worked because of the awesome team in front of the cameras and behind the scenes who kept me laughing.'

News Breakfast co-host Michael Rowland also shared his thoughts on the 'sad news'.

'Wishing Lisa all the best on those back roads and dog wrangling assignments. And enjoy the sleep-ins,' he wrote online after the program wrapped up.

Another of Millar's colleagues, James Glenday, similarly thanked her for being a 'wonderful friend, colleague and mentor' to him.

'Sad she's leaving the show but happy she's going on to other big things,' he said.

Millar's co-host Michael Rowland said the news of his colleagues departure was 'sad'

Another of Millar's coworkers, James Glenday, said Millar had been a 'mentor' to him

Millar will remain with the national broadcaster in a project-based role.

'I'm going to be having more adventures with Back Roads and Muster Dogs. Muster Dogs keeps getting bigger and bigger. So much to do, and exciting new projects. That means it's goodbye,' she said.

Millar's stint on the show included last year's controversy when she wore a skirt with a high split that some viewers felt revealed too much.

Millar said she was sickened by the comments especially given they were made so close to International Women's Day.

'The fact that what I wore on Monday attracted obnoxious commentary on Twitter, foul disgusting personal abuse that I wouldn't and couldn't repeat here - it was upsetting,' she said at the time.

'I am angry, on this International Women's Day. Angry on behalf of myself and also on behalf of other women, young women, who see those stories and see someone like me being violently abused day after day, for whatever reason bullies can find.

'I worry it might make you think that no progress is being made and it's not worth it being a woman in the public arena.'

Millar went on to say she had received a wave of support in the wake of the trolling which had given her 'hope'.

Millar will remain with the national broadcaster in a project-based role

She joined the ABC in 1993 and is one of the network's longest-serving foreign correspondents, having worked as Bureau Chief in both the US and Europe

Millar first filled in on ABC News Breakfast in 2018 and became a permanent host alongside Rowland the following year.

She joined the ABC in 1993 and is one of the network's longest-serving foreign correspondents, having worked as Bureau Chief in both the US and Europe.

Director of ABC News, Justin Stevens, said the network valued Millar 'immensely'.

'Lisa Millar is a superb journalist and broadcaster who personifies the very best values and attributes of ABC journalists,' he said.

'While we're sad to lose her from News, I'm excited to see her take up this opportunity and continue to go from strength to strength at the ABC.​

'She's done a fantastic job presenting News Breakfast over the past five years – one of the toughest jobs in Australian TV.

'The relentless hours never impeded her incredible warmth and energy, or her passion for delivering the best program for the audience.'

Millar's final day with the program will be on August 23

Cruel trolls target ABC host after big announcement (2024)
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