How to Play – Maryland Lottery (2024)

Visit a Maryland Lottery Retailer

You must be 18 years old or older to buy or cash Mega Millions tickets.

Provide the Maryland Lottery retailer with your playslip or use a self-service terminal to manually select your numbers or select “quick pick.” Before you use your playslip, be sure to verify that the numbers selected on your playslip are the numbers you want to play.

About Mega Millions Playslips:

  • Playslips are available at any Maryland Lottery®retail location or create and use the ePlayslip available on the MD Lottery mobile app.
  • Each playslip has five play areas or panels labeled A, B, C, D and E. You can play up to five Mega Millions plays on each playslip. Each play costs $2.
  • A play consists of two fields. Select and mark five (5) numbers from 1 through 70 in the upper field and mark one Mega Ball number from 1 through 25 in the lower field. If you select too many or too few numbers, your playslip will be rejected.
  • Make a heavy vertical mark through each number you choose. Use only pencil or blue or black ink. Red ink will not be accepted. If you make a mistake, mark the “VOID” box for that play. Then use any remaining open play areas to complete your selections. Please do not attempt to erase errors.
  • If you want the terminal to randomly “Quick Pick” your numbers, mark the “QP5” box for White Balls and/or the “QP1” box for the Mega Ball for each play you want to purchase.
  • Mark the Megaplier box if you want to add the Megaplier option; that option adds $1 to each play, for a total of $3 per play.
  • If you are using the ePlayslip on the MD Lottery mobile app,follow the same instructions, but instead of handing your paper playslip to the retailer for processing, your ePlayslip will be scanned from your mobile phone.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure your playslip represents the numbers you wish to play, the drawing(s) you want to enter, and all other information you want.

Drawings – Play More than One!

Mega Millions drawings are held twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday nights. You can play the same numbers for 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 or 15 drawings in a row, including the next drawing, by marking the appropriate “NUMBER OF DRAWS” box on a playslip or selecting the number of draws at the self-service terminal.

Ticket Cost

Multiply the number of drawings you are playing by the number of plays purchased. Then multiply the result by $2 to determine your Mega Millions ticket cost. Megaplier adds $1 per play, if selected (see above).

Mega Millions Tickets

MEGA MILLIONS TICKETS CANNOT BE CANCELLED OR VOIDED AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN PROCESSED. Tickets are only valid for the drawing date(s) shown on the ticket. Sales for Mega Millions tickets cut off approximately 15 minutes prior to the Mega Millions drawing. Sales for the next drawing start immediately following the cut-off. Winning tickets must be cashed in the state/jurisdiction where they were purchased.

If you are a winner before the final day on your ticket, you can still cash your ticket immediately. You will receive an exchange ticket for the remaining days of play.

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Increase your winnings for an extra $1 per play when you mark the Megaplier option on your playslip. Megaplier numbers are used to multiply non-jackpot prizes won on the Mega Millions draw immediately following the Megaplier drawing. Megaplier numbers are 2, 3, 4 and 5.

How it Works

For example, if you win $500 on Mega Millions and you played the Megaplier, and the Megaplier number drawn is 5, you multiply your winnings by five for a total winning amount of $2,500. The Megaplier number is randomly selected before each Mega Millions draw and will not appear on your ticket.The Megaplier multiplier does not apply to the jackpot prize.

Prize Structure

Click here to view Megaplier prize structure.Megaplier probabilities of winning are approximate.

How to Win

Every Tuesday and Friday night, five white balls from 1 to 70 and one Mega Ball from 1 to 25 will be drawn. You win a prize by matching some or all of the numbers drawn, as shown in the Prize Structure.

There are nine ways to win Mega Millions prize money, depending on how many of your numbers match the numbers drawn. The jackpot is pari-mutuel, so payment to each winner is determined by the number of winning plays for that particular draw. All other Mega Millions prizes, ranging from $2 to $1,000,000 and their related Megaplier prizes, are set, but may become pari-mutuel in certain circ*mstances.* (See * underPrize Structure.) You may only win one prize category per panel, the highest prize won on that panel.

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Cash Option: $13.9 MILLION
Estimated Jackpot

Next Drawing: 06/11

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How to Play – Maryland Lottery (2024)
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