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Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (1)

Carnivore diet before and after pictures are a testament to the transformative power of realigning with our ancestral dietary patterns.

This means eating only fatty meat and animal products, often combined with intermittent fasting.

If you’re coming from a standard American diet high in carbs and plant-based foods, this nearly all-meat diet sounds unbelievable.

Carnivore eating is loaded with saturated animal fat and high-cholesterol foods. There’s no fiber, fruits, or greens. Yet the before and after pictures demonstrate how cutting carbs and eating fat routinely results in dramatic weight loss.

It also important to note that weight loss is only the most visible “side effect” of going carnivore.

Thousands of people credit a carnivore diet as the key to reclaiming metabolic health, fitness, and mental clarity while reversing numerous disease symptoms and kicking medications. So these before and after pictures convey a much deeper and mostly invisible story about health and healing.

Table of Contents

  • What the Carnivore Studies Show
  • Carnivore Before and After Pics
  • Other Carnivore Diet Success Stories and Resources
  • Carnivore Diet Before and After Pics: The Takeaway

What the Carnivore Studies Show

Recent studies from Harvard and Revero, a carnivore diet community lead by Dr. Sean Baker, have reported powerful benefits for thousands of participants.

Both studies show how a carnivore diet can significantly improve and even resolve numerous diseases, reduce medication use, improve gastrointestinal conditions, boost mental health, clear up skin conditions, and promote weight loss.2

Harvard Carnivore Study

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (2)

The researchers concluded, “Contrary to common expectations, adults consuming a carnivore diet experienced few adverse effects and instead reported health benefits and high satisfaction.”

The positive health benefits including:

  • 93% improved or resolved obesity and excess weight
  • 93% improved hypertension
  • 98% improved conditions related to diabetes
  • 97% improved gastrointestinal symptoms
  • 96% improved psychiatric symptoms

Revero Survey

Similar to the findings from the Harvard study, the Revero carnivore-based health program shows widespread reports of health improvements, symptom reversals, and medication terminations.

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (3)

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (4)

Carnivore Before and After Pics

Let’s be clear about one thing, these carnivore diet before and after pics aren’t about fat shaming. They’re here to celebrate the transformative power of reclaiming your metabolic health.

In fact, our ability to store fat on our body is probably the most important adaptation in human evolution. It’s a testament to the central place of fat in our diet. Humans are fat-eating, fat-metabolizing machines.

It is also important to note that it is both possible and very common to have significant body fat and be metabolically healthy. At the same time, many skinny people are metabolically unhealthy.

Obesity is only one of the many symptoms of metabolic disorders caused by a diet high in carbs, vegetable (seed) oils, and added sugar.

Focusing on losing weight to “get healthy” is misguided. The real key to metabolic health, as these before and after pictures attest, is changing what we eat.

Joe Rogan

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (5)

Podcaster Joe Rogan practiced a version of the lion diet popularized by his guest psychologist Jordan Peterson.

For 30 days, Rogan’s diet consisted of grass-fed beef, elk, eggs, and bacon. He lost his gut and 12 lbs of excess weight, and his before and after pics reveal the change.

He did have carnivore diet diarrhea for the first 2 weeks–which is not uncommon as your body adapts to an all-meat diet.

Reporting on his experience to Tom Papa, Rogan said, “When you have no carbohydrates, one of the things that’s amazing is that there’s no crashing. My energy levels were amazing.”

Now Rogan is back on a variation of the carnivore diet that calls for just meat and some fruit.


Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (6)

Miki, a bartender and personal trainer shared her carnivore diet before and after pics with Miki, reported: “The benefits I’ve seen since starting the Carnivore Diet would be cleared skin. I’ve always had acne throughout my life to a point that my family members called me Pizza Face. Now that’s not a problem. I would also say that my stomach isn’t pudgy, my body is well balanced, and my energy level is amazing that I don’t need coffee but just drink it because I love the taste. No more anxiety or depression.”


Raymond Nazon

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (7)

Raymond overcame a list of ailments, all of which are invisible beneath his newly defined abs in these before and after pics. His pre-carnivore issues included:

  • Diabetes
  • Rosacea
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Irritable bowel disease

Source: Revero

Nathan Marks

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (8)


Sharing his carnivore diet before and after pictures, Nathan says, “Up until three years ago, I ate the standard American diet. This included no limitation to carbs, no macro tracking, and zero self-control. I was truly struggling with my health at this time. To put this simply—I was dealing with severe neurological problems that no doctor could understand. It was debilitating to the point that I had to put school on pause.

After having been to the Mayo Clinic and receiving zero answers to all of my problems, I decided to visit The Center for Functional Medicine at Cleveland Clinic. After discovering that mold illness was the cause of all of my neurological problems, my doctor placed me on a ketogenic diet. With time, this diet nearly completely eradicated my mold illness. I transitioned to the carnivore diet in March of 2019 in order to reap further benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle.”

The benefits of this way of eating have been incredible, to say the least. To keep this simple, I will list the benefits of transitioning from traditional keto to the carnivore diet:

  1. Consistent energy throughout day
  2. Much leaner body mass
  3. Perfect digestion (zero bloating)
  4. Better sleep
  5. Huge improvement to weight lifting performance
  6. Clear skin
  7. Mental clarity

I exercise five days per week. I primarily focus on weight lifting. My strength has only increased with this WOE.

Make this diet as simple as it should be! Learn to listen to your body! If you are coming from a non-ketogenic diet, just be prepared for the first week or so being slightly difficult. The initial adaptation from carbohydrates to fat can be difficult. Know that all of this is worth it, though!

You can follow Nathan’s carnivore journey @thecarnivorenurse

Kelly Hogan

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (9)

“Since removing carbs from my diet and eating only animal foods, I am energetic and pain free. Completely freaking PAIN FREE. Is there any better gift??? ❤️ I can walk for miles on the beach without needing a rest, hunt shark’s teeth all day without having chest pains or leg cramps, and I still get to eat like a queen. I don’t go hungry and don’t force myself to eat any meats that I don’t enjoy. I truly can’t imagine a better life!

I need to eat only animal-foods in order to feel my best, but no matter how you need (or want) to eat, I can wish nothing greater for you than to feel happy and to be pain-free. Occasionally seeing an ab muscle or getting better body composition is fun, no doubt. But to just FEEL GOOD is amazing and something that I hope to never take for granted. (Bonus points if we also feel content, loved, motivated, kind, hopeful, creative, or generous. But being pain-free and well-fed is a great place to start. 🙌🏼)

Eat the meat. Save the humans. ❤️

You can follow Kelly’s journey @kelly_hogan91

Katie Kelly

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (10)

After decades of struggling with her own health issues from Crohn’s, being overweight, disordered eating, infertility, hormonal imbalances, and being a competitive athlete, Katie found carnivore, transformed her life and now coaches others.

You can follow Katie’s carnivore journey @lil_bit_of_fit

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (11)

“In May 2017 I just didn’t care anymore and went full carnivore. I had tears in my eyes and started crying of bodily happiness after my first bite. The next day I had tears of joy just on my way to the butcher. The body knows best.”

Suzie Banks

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (12)


Mindy Miller

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (13)

On her Instagram Mindy writes:

Hey There, world! I’m new here👋🏼

Here I am, putting it all out there…Being another voice amongst those who are bringing you their stories of success and personal victories. 💪🏻🧠

My name is Mindy and I am probably like you; a lifelong dieter. Someone trying to manage living with autoimmune and metabolic disorders while enjoying all that life has to offer.

Here’s (some) of my story: I am 30 years old and in the best health I’ve been for as long as I can remember. I became overweight and sick as a young teenager after being diagnosed with PCOS, and Metabolic Syndrome “x”…It came out of left field and navigating my teen into young adult years being overweight was no easy feat.

I would spend most of my time dieting and searching for ways to “heal” myself. Name the “diet” and I’ve done it.

in 2017, I became aware of the #keto diet and started it out instantly amazed with the results and the way I would begin to feel. It was like taking a weight off of my psychological health in addition to my body.

I’ve had to learn through the years that this journey I am on is not about a number on the scale or a pant size. This is about optimal health. Through ups and downs, literally and figuratively, this all came together for me full throttle in 2019.

2019 was all about healing mentally AND physically. Lifting the weight of conscious worry and physical weight.

I lost 100lbs between 2019 & 2020. I #healed my #pcos and blood sugars, and vastly improved my #mentalhealth without stressing about cravings OR numbers on the scale. My life has literally changed.

I am human. I am constantly learning, like you, how to stay on track and how to continue to manifest and achieve all-around health. There is no finish line and I am so thankful of this awareness.

More to come on how I am managing life and how I’ve adapted ancestral and #primal #living into my everyday life!

Excited for this space to share and to encourage end help others improve their health and living😍

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (14)


  • Happy? Yes
  • Confident? for the most part
  • Feel “GOOD” ? Rarely to Never.

Being that weight was hard. I felt really bogged down constantly. Always fatigued and ugh always hungry. I didn’t realize how “weighed down” I was physically therefore emotionally…missing out on a lot because I was so run down. I didn’t know that my lifestyle was so hindering until I made a change. 😍

The girl on the right still has ups and downs, but overcame so much to feel “GOOD”

A musician 🎸🎤 who is a PCOS warrior

Who loves Instinctual, Ancestral Living & Wellness

Ketovore since 2018

You can follow Mindy’s journey here @carvivore

Lei Lei

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (15)

Lei Lei writes: “Do what is best for your body and tweak it as necessary. 2017 & the first of 2018 was eye-opening about emotional eating. Then March 2018 a plan was set in place and I quietly worked to eat keto woe and then in the summer of 2020 switched to carnivore and love it!”

You can follow Lei Lei’s journey here @lowcarbleilei

Alex Soriao

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (16)

Alex writes: Sooo happy 😍❤️ and posted her weight loss stats after combining carnivore and OMAD (one meal a day) fasting.

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (17)

Other Carnivore Diet Success Stories and Resources

You can find hundreds of carnivore diet success stories and resources on the Revero youtube page here.

There you will also find Dr. Kiltz speaking with Revero founder, Dr. Sean Baker.

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (18)

Carnivore Diet Before and After Pics: The Takeaway

These carnivore before and after pictures are a testament to the power we have to take control of our lives by changing what we eat.

Though weight loss is not the goal nor the most important benefit of a carnivore diet, it is the most visible marker of the dramatic physiological changes that can take place on a carnivore diet.

Unlike other diets, going carnivore doesn’t require counting calories. You simply eat the foods your body is designed to thrive on while cutting out the crap that it’s not.

Article Sources

Carnivore Diet Results: Before and After Pictures (2024)


How long does it take to see results from the carnivore diet? ›

Steady Progress: Typical Timeline of Noticeable Changes. Once your body has adapted to the carnivore diet, you'll begin to notice more profound carnivore diet results around the 3-6 week mark. Weight loss can become apparent during this time, as your body continues to burn fat for energy.

How much weight can you lose in a month on carnivore? ›

metabolic rate, activity level, caloric intake, response to dietary changes, adherence to the diet, hormonal performance, and water retention are different. But personal reports show that Carnivores could lose 7kg (15.4 pounds) in 30 days, 121 lbs in 12 months, and so on.

What is the success rate for the carnivore diet? ›

The researchers concluded, “Contrary to common expectations, adults consuming a carnivore diet experienced few adverse effects and instead reported health benefits and high satisfaction.” The positive health benefits including: 93% improved or resolved obesity and excess weight.

What to expect from a week 1 carnivore diet? ›

It's common to experience cravings for the foods you used to eat during the first week. These cravings may result from your body adjusting to the removal of carbohydrates and other foods. Staying committed to the diet will diminish those cravings over time. Stick with it and give your body the time to adjust.

How can I speed up my weight loss on carnivore? ›

How to Lose Weight on the Carnivore Diet: Additional Tips to Help You Shed Some Fat Fast
  1. Get a solid 8 hours of sleep each night. ...
  2. Increase your protein intake slightly if you're not seeing results. ...
  3. Add some intermittent fasting into your routine. ...
  4. Start incorporating more physical activity into your life.
Jan 12, 2023

Can you lose belly fat on a carnivore diet? ›

Due to the removal of highly processed carbohydrates in the carnivore diet, you might see some early benefits such as improved blood pressure, reduced belly fat, and improved cardiovascular health.

Why do you lose weight so fast on a carnivore diet? ›

Since this dietary pattern is low in carb-rich foods and so high in protein, which is the most filling macronutrient, it's likely that the Carnivore Diet will promote weight loss, at least in the short term.

Will I lose more weight on keto or carnivore? ›

The Keto diet is better for gut health, brain health, and overall mood. The Carnivore diet, on the other hand, is not good for gut health, brain health, and mood. The one area where the Carnivore diet outperforms the Keto diet is weight loss. The Carnivore diet is very effective in terms of weight loss.

Can you drink coffee on a carnivore diet? ›

Yes, you can drink coffee on a carnivore diet. Despite its plant origin, many followers of the carnivore diet still consume coffee, considering caffeine's stimulating properties. However, caution must be taken as excessive intake of caffeine may add stress to the body's metabolism and disrupt sleep patterns.

Are there negatives to the carnivore diet? ›

However, red meat, high in saturated fat, is also allowed on the diet. Saturated fats can cause inflammation. Additionally, a high-protein diet (such as the carnivore diet) can be harmful to the kidneys—and can even promote gout and kidney stones.

How long can you stay on carnivore diet? ›

While this diet can probably help you lose weight, it also can lead to nutrient deficiencies and it's not sustainable, says Kathleen Zelman, MPH, a registered dietitian nutritionist. “You just can't stay on it very long.” The carnivore diet is too restrictive, and too boring, to follow long-term.

What to drink on a carnivore diet? ›

The short answer to the beverage question is that on a strict carnivore plan, only water and bone broth are allowed. If you're including dairy, milk would also be allowed. Those who subscribe to more lenient versions of a carnivore diet may also include plain, unsweetened tea and coffee in their regimen.

How many eggs a day on carnivore diet? ›

You can also consider just consuming egg whites to lower your calorie and fat intake. In general, though, many on the carnivore diet consume between 2 to 6 eggs daily as part of their meal plan. This range generally offers a good balance of nutrients without overconsumption.

How long until you feel good on a carnivore diet? ›

Within a few days, or just over a week, you could feel sharper than ever. Perhaps even better than if you were doing a standard ketogenic diet (see “The Carnivore Diet for Athletes”). “By the second week, your system comes online,” says Munsey.

What happens to your body when you start the carnivore diet? ›

Expect to experience nausea and other side effects that come with limiting your diet to only animal products. You may experience constipation as well, due to the decreased fiber intake since fruits, vegetables and whole grains are restricted.

How long does it take for the gut to adjust to a carnivore diet? ›

The duration of the carnivore diet needed for gut healing is very patient-dependent. Some individuals will only need a month before they're able to reintroduce foods from the plant kingdom while others with severely impaired gut function and potential additional root causes may require several months or more.

Do you lose weight quicker on keto or carnivore? ›

People on the carnivore diet experience faster weight loss in the short term because protein is known to keep you fuller longer and suppress your appetite. Another reason is that diets that reduce carbohydrate intake always have a positive effect on weight loss.

How many days does it take to get into ketosis on the carnivore diet? ›

It usually takes 2-7 days to enter ketosis, depending on individual factors like metabolic rate and carb restriction. Weight loss varies, but many people experience significant drops in the first month due to water weight and fat loss.

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