How to Use Teeth Whitening Pen for Beginners (2024)

Teeth whitening pens are a common choice and great alternative to full on whitening kits,such as our #1 selling extreme teeth whitening kit,when it comes to reducing the appearance of stains on your enamel, which can be caused by smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and eating dark fruits.

Generally, teeth whitening pens contain hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient, and this is what gives the bleaching effect. Most teeth whitening pens leave behind a white film which bonds to your teeth, and this is what makes them whiter than before.

When you use a teeth whitening pen, you should be mindful of the fact that it is a film on your teeth -- brushing your teeth after using this product is not recommended, because it will brush away all of the whitening product that you have just applied.

Teeth whitening pens are highly convenient andaffordable, making them a great choice for a quick fix or easy way to make your smile brighter. This method of teeth whitening also allows you to have a good deal of control over the extent of the whitening, because you are able to choose how often you use the pen depending on your desired result.

Additionally, teeth whitening pens offer more precision than some other options thanks to the small, usually angled tip or brush.

Proper Usage

Beforeusing a teeth whitening pen, it is best to brush your teeth so that they are clean and ready to go! Taking extra care to brush the front teeth carefully can give you even better results, since this is mostly where the whitening pen will be applied.

When you are ready to apply the whitening pen, smile widely, making sure that your lips are away from the teeth you plan to whiten. Keeping your lips away from the product as you apply it will help make sure it does not get moved around and away from the spots you want to whiten.

Take the cap off of the whitening pen so that the tip or brush is exposed, as this is where the product will come from.

When you first take off the cap and inspect the pen’s tip, there should already be some product coating the applicator. If there does not appear to be product already on the brush, twist the pen to make more product come out. In fact, some whitening pens will require you to do this for the first use, and if this is the case it will say so in your specific product’s instructions.

Use short, vertical strokes to apply the whitening product to the desired teeth, making sure to work from the top of each tooth to the bottom. Painting over each tooth 3-5 times with the applicator may help give you better results.

After application, let the product sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute, or however long the packaging suggests. Make sure to leave your mouth open with your lips away from the treated teeth during this time, and try to avoid swallowing any of the product.

Rinse out the whitening product with warm water once it has set, or follow the instructions for your specific product if they say otherwise. This will help ensure that no excess product is hanging around in your mouth, but there is no need to swish or gargle if you are unsure of whether or not you were able to rins all of it away.

Always follow the instructions that come with any whiteningproducts you purchase, because misusing a teeth whitening pen can leave you unsatisfied in terms of results. Teeth whitening pens may also give you sensitive teeth if you do not use them carefully and appropriately, so you should be mindful of the suggested usage.

Frequency of Application

Teeth whitening pens tend to work best when they are used once a day for at least a week, but generally longer than a week. Reading the specific instructions for the product you purchased will give you a better idea of when you should start seeing results, and how often you should re-apply.

It may take time for you to start seeing results, so don’t be discouraged if a change does not come as fast as you were hoping!

Some teeth whitening pens might suggest that you use them twice a day for optimal results, while others may suggest once a day usage or only a few times a week. It really depends on which product you have purchased.


Teeth whitening pens can be extremely effective, especially when you follow the instructions properly and repeat the application as needed to achieve your desired results.

Additionally, avoiding eating or drinking as much as possible for the first hour after using a teeth whitening pen can help ensure that the product has time to do its job before any food or drink comes into contact with the teeth you treated. Waiting an hour before eating and drinking can also help make sure that your teeth whitening does not end up looking splotchy or uneven.

The results you get from a teeth whitening pen can surely be satisfactory, but these results will not be permanent. They may last you a couple weeks or so depending on the extent of the stains on your teeth as well as your oral hygiene habits, but generally you should expect to see the whiteness fade within a week or two after you stop using the product.

There are also whitening pens formulated for certain types of stains on your teeth, such as those from coffee or tea consumption.

Whitening pens that are specialized to reduce the appearance of certain stains may give you better results. If this sounds like the product for you, Dr. Brite’sCoffee and Tea Teeth Whitening Pen may be a great choice. This product can whiten your teeth up to eight shades just with one pen, and ingredients like green coffee extract and chamomile flower extract help whiten your upper and lowerteeth and prevent new stains from forming.

If your stains are more general, and caused by a variety of foods or habits, a teeth whitening pen intended for more general use is a good option. OurGet Brite Teeth Whitening Pen is just the product for this, and it can whiten your teeth two shades in just two days of usage. This pen is formulated with hydrogen peroxide as well as coconut oil, so the whitening power is maximized in order to give you great results.

Maybe you already have bright white teeth, and you are hoping to maintain that as much as possible. Dr. Brite has you covered here, too, with theStay Brite Teeth Whitening Pen, which is peroxide-free and formulated to help combat stains right when they begin without the bleaching power of a peroxide-based formula. Using this pen in combination with one of our other teeth whitening pens can also help make the results last longer by working to prevent new stains from forming.

All ofDr. Brite’s products are non-toxic and free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, so that you can keep your bright smile without worrying about other health risks.Dr. Brite teeth whitening pens are also formulated to help prevent tooth sensitivityafter usage, which is a common disadvantage of many popular teeth whitening pens.

Overuse of teeth whitening pens can also leave you with painfully sensitive teeth, so opting for teeth whiteningproducts that have been made while keeping this in mind is likely the best way to get a brighter smile without compromising when it comes to comfort.


Teeth whitening pens are a great way to combat stains on your teeth that can be caused by red wine, smoking, drinking coffee or tea, or eating dark fruits. These products are affordable and highly convenient, and the smaller application tip allows you greater control and precision.

As long as you follow the specific instructions for the teeth whitening pen you purchase, you should see results within the first week or so of using the product consistently or as recommended. Results will vary depending on the specific product you choose to use, but ultimately the whitening effects will fade overtime and you will need to re-apply in order to keep up the whitened appearance of your teeth.

Waiting an hour before eating or drinking after applying a teeth whitening pen can help give you better results, and brushing your teeth thoroughly before application can make the process smoother and give you a more even whitening effect. Teeth whitening pens can be very effective when used correctly, and their availability and affordability makes them a great choice when it comes to teeth whitening.

Check out all of Dr. Brite’s Oral Care Pens here -- with so many choices, you can bet you’ll find one for your exact whitening needs!


1.Do you brush your teeth after using whitening pen?

Before whitening, we recommend brushing your teeth. This is to ensure that all plaque (the sticky coating of bacteria on your teeth) is removed and that any whitening chemicals in the strips or gel are in direct contact with your teeth.

2.How long does it take for teeth whitening pens to work?

It takes between two and seven days for whitening pens to work. Their results are usually temporary. These tiny, portable plastic tubes contain teethwhitening gel and are used to remove spot stains.

3.When should you use a teeth whitening pen?

Whitening pens work best when used immediately after ingesting stain-causing foods or drinks. Let the film dry for at least 10-15 seconds before using. You should avoid eating or drinking immediately after applying the pen.

4.Can I swallow after using a whitening pen?

Teeth Whitening Pens do not contain any gel that can be eaten, but a tiny bit should not be harmful. Whitening Pen is 99 percent natural and safe to use.

5.Does the teeth whitening pen actually work?

Teeth whitening pens are ineffective at whitening teeth, but they may be helpful in maintaining their brightness.

6. Do you use teeth whitening pen before or after brushing?

After thoroughly brushing, take off the pen's top cap and turn the bottom until the whitening gel is visible on the brush tip. Then, coat each tooth's surface with a thin layer of whitening gel, making sure to cover the entire tooth's surface. Lastly, skip the rinse.

7.Do I brush my teeth after whitening pen?

No, do not brush your teeth after whitening pen. We advise brushing your teeth first before whitening with any method. This is done to make sure that any plaque—the sticky film that coats the surface of your teeth—is eliminated and that any whitening ingredient in theteethwhitening gel or strip makes direct contact with your teeth.

8. How long do you keep teeth whitening pen on for?

A teeth-whitening pen is simple and practical to use. You don't need to wait for it to finish, and you don't need any extra supplies or a time slot. Simply brush on the solution whenever is most convenient, and abstain from eating and drinking for 20 to 30 minutes.

9. Do whitening pens damage teeth?

Scientistdidn't discover any appreciable adverse effects. You may be concerned about how a teeth-whitening pen will impact your current dental work. All peroxide whiteners do not work on dental restorations, which is important to note. This indicates that following a teeth whitening procedure, your dental work could need to be replaced.

10.How often can you use a tooth whitening pen?

2-3times per day.
For optimal results, use Dr. Brite's teeth-whitening pens two to three times daily. You can have a whiter smile in as little as two minutes after application. What about preserving the pearly white appearance of a smile or providing a peroxide-free alternative for people who have extremely sensitive teeth?


How to Use Teeth Whitening Pen for Beginners (2024)


How long does it take to see results from teeth whitening pen? ›

With Colgate's Optic White Teeth Whitening Pen, you can whiten teeth overnight when used as directed. Keep in mind it takes time to see the full results, but with consistency and by following product instructions, the Optic White Pen removes years of stains in as little as one week.

Do I rinse after using a teeth whitening pen? ›

After a thorough brushing, remove the top cap of the pen and twist the bottom of the pen until you see the gel on the brush tip. Then, apply a thin layer of whitening gel to each tooth's surface, making sure the entire tooth's surface is in contact with the whitening gel. Finally, don't rinse.

How often should I use a whitening pen? ›

Apply the Philips Sonicare Teeth Whitening Pen twice per day for 2 weeks. For the best result, it is recommended that you brush your teeth before each use.

When is the best time to use a teeth whitening pen? ›

The Perfect Prep

Suggest dental floss for a thorough cleanup. They must make sure that the teeth are clean and dry. If they are going to use the teeth whitening pen for a week or more, choosing a convenient time in the morning or night will be ideal.

How long should I leave whitening pen on? ›

How long should the whitening gel be on my teeth? For the Colgate® Optic White® Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen, we recommend a minimum of four to six hours of contact with teeth, without any food or drink.

Do whitening pens work better than strips? ›

Quality Of Ingredients

An important factor to consider when deciding between whitening pens and strips is the quality of the ingredients present. In general, whitening pens contain higher-quality ingredients than strips. This means that a pen provides better coverage and more effective results in an easier way.

Should you use a whitening pen everyday? ›

It's typically recommended to use the pre teeth whitening pen once daily for up to two weeks before beginning a whitening treatment to achieve optimal results to achieve multiple shades whiter.

Do whitening pens work to whiten teeth? ›

Teeth whitening pens can lighten the color of your teeth, depending on the cause and significance of the staining. They are not suitable for everyone, as they can have some adverse effects.

Can I close my mouth after whitening pen? ›

Things You Should Know

Apply the product in 3-5 short, downward strokes on each tooth. Hold your mouth open for 1 minute, then rinse with warm water. Use the whitening pen once a day for at least a week.

Do I brush teeth after whitening? ›

As for whether you should brush your teeth after using whitening strips, there is no definitive answer. While some experts recommend brushing immediately after removing the strips to ensure all residue is removed, others advise waiting for 30 minutes to allow the enamel to rehydrate and minimize potential abrasion.

Do you brush teeth after using teeth whitening? ›

Brushing quickly after whitening can help remove any residual gel or substance from your teeth, keeping it from remaining on the enamel and potentially causing irritation or damage. Brushing after whitening can also help eliminate any tiny stains or discolorations that were lifted during the whitening process.

How long do you leave a teeth whitening pen on? ›

Hold your mouth in place for 1 minute to set the product.

As you wait, try to avoid swallowing the serum. Leaving the solution on for 20-30 minutes and avoiding activities that can dislodge the whitener from your teeth can also help the success of treatment.

Is it safe to swallow while using arc teeth whitening pen? ›

The amount of hydrogen peroxide you might swallow while using whitening treatments is extremely small, and we would not expect this to be harmful if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can you eat with teeth whitening pen on? ›

For best results, it is not recommended to eat or drink directly after the formula is applied.

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