Patrick Mahomes Earns $1.25M Contract Bonus with Chiefs' Super Bowl 58 Win vs. 49ers (2024)

Patrick Mahomes earned a bit more than just his third Super Bowl Sunday night.

His Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime to claim a second consecutive Lombardi Trophy and the fourth in franchise history. In addition to the legacy-building win, Mahomes was able to cash in on a contract incentive as well.

Jonathan Jones @jjones9

A Super Bowl win would give Patrick Mahomes an extra $1.25 million. Lot of big moves to be made for Kansas City after this weekend, and they'll no doubt work to lower Mahomes's cap hit ahead of free agency <a href=""></a>

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reported that Mahomes is set to earn $1.25 million due to the incentive.

"Mahomes has that incentive built into his contract, which currently gets him more cash flow over a four-year span than any player in NFL history," Jones wrote. "Between 2023 through the 2026 season, Mahomes is scheduled to make $210.6 million, and a win against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday will make that $211.85 million."

This comes as Mahomes is working with the Chiefs to restructure his contract after last Summer's flurry of massive quarterback contract extensions. This is likely a trend that will continue as Mahomes continues to dominate the league.

He went 34-of-46 for 333 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. He also was the Chiefs leading rusher in the game, having nine carries for 66 yards.

While the prestige of the win and the excitement surrounding the accomplishment are more likely at the forefront of his mind currently, the extra $1.25 million will only make the win sweeter.

Patrick Mahomes Earns $1.25M Contract Bonus with Chiefs' Super Bowl 58 Win vs. 49ers (2024)
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